These Will Be the Most Popular Designer Boots of Fall 2019

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I know what you’re thinking, But Anna it’s not even August yet, how could you possibly be talking about boots already?! I realize that I’m jumping the gun a bit on fall trends and even as I type this, I’m wearing a tank top and have my A/C unit on full blast. But alas, we all know that fall will return once again, whether you’re in denial about it or are secretly counting down the days until you can dust off your boots and sweaters.

Speaking of fall trends, there’s a lot to love about the shoe trends on offer for this season. From the romantic lace-up pairs leading the pack from Brock Collection to the heavy-duty stompers Prada showed, the boots styles on the menu for fall really cater to every taste. But not every designer pair will go on to earn It status and promptly sell out come September, which is why we went ahead and edited the entire seasonal selection down to the most popular designer boots for fall. See why each style will be trending hard in a matter of months and if you’re wise enough to make an investment now, shop the boots that speak to you the most (before everyone else does).

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